Managing Payments for Sports Clubs – Save Yourself the Stress with Transacty


Managing a sports team or club can be difficult. There’s a seemingly endless list of things to do, and one of the trickier tasks is getting players to pay their fees. Here’s 5 ways Transacty can start helping your sports club today.

If you grew up in Australia, chances are you played club sport at some sort of social or competitive level. Soccer, Tennis, Cricket, Netball, Touch Football; regardless of the activity, playing sport has become a right of passage for generations of Australians and is instilled in our culture and lifestyle.

If you’ve ever had the privilege (or misfortune!) to either coach or manage a social sport team or club, then you know the myriad of difficulties involved. It’s essentially like herding cats. You must ensure all team members not only sign up, but turn up to training and matches, with the right gear, at the right location and time, and most importantly, pay their fees.

Regardless of the age or demographic of your players, ensuring they pay is a time consuming task that can often leave the coach or club out of pocket. For younger kids, you’re often chasing parents who are hard to lock down at the best of times.

Here’s 5 reasons why Transacty will not only ensure you get paid on time, every time, but it’ll save you time and your sanity in the process.

1. Payment Details Secured on Sign-Up

The beauty of Transacty is that not only does it facilitate recurring direct debit payments from your players, but you can create custom payment plans across your entire club, regardless of the sport.

Say you coach a Division 3 Netball team. Using Transacty, you or your club’s administration create a simple payment plan for each player. You enter the players personal details, contact information, payment plan schedule AND payment details. The fees for that player are then direct debited on a weekly or monthly basis, ensuring you get paid on time, every time.

2. It’s more affordable for players

Being whacked with upfront sign-up fees can be a shock to the system for many players. Their dream of participating in a weekly social activity can soon turn into a stressful situation with large sign-up expenses, uniforms, player insurance, and the game costs for the season. If you’re a parent with several kids, it can be an eye watering amount.

With Transacty, you can bundle all the initial costs together, leaving the total amount which can be paid off over the duration of the season. The player’s $300 upfront fees now become $20 per week, making it much more affordable. As such, you’ll enable people that previously wouldn’t have been able to afford to play to sign up, bring in new members and growing your business in the process.


3. It’s automated – Payment AND Reporting

Once your team has signed up via Transacty, their payments will be automatically direct debited every week. Say goodbye to processing payments, trying to reconcile accounts and amounts owing. With Transacty’s cloud-based platform, you’ll also have instant access, allowing you to see who has paid, how much is owing for each player and each team across your entire club.

Another major benefit of Transacty is its reporting functionality. It offers an array of standard and custom reports, allowing insights into your club that you may previously been unaware of. This allows many businesses to make better decisions based on real-time reporting.

4. Reduced admin work

It’s not uncommon for many sports clubs to be partially operating as a collection centre. With the amount of players and teams involved, it can be a full time job in itself. With automated direct debit payments, collection calls for missed payments, and real-time reporting, Transacty will save you hours of lost time, enabling you to focus on your business and enhancing the products and services it provides.

5. Avoid awkward conversations with players and parents

When money is involved between two parties, it’s not uncommon for things to get awkward if a payment is missed. Having to approach players, sometimes in front of other players can be awkward, particularly when dealing with parents as well.

With Transacty, you’ll never have to worry about an awkward conversation again. At the off chance that one of the direct debit payments doesn’t go through, Transacty’s dedicated collection specialists receive an instant notification and will contact the player to rectify the payment.

Conclusion – Transacty – A payment solution for your sports club

If you run a sports club and can resonate with some of, if not all of the issues above, then Transacty can help your club today. Our cloud-based payment platform and dedicated payment team not only ensures you receive payments from all of your players, it’ll save you time and money, and allow you to focus on improving other areas if your club. Contact us today to find out more.